Youth and Women Groups


Making and selling crafts, providing transportation on Lake Victoria, a Bukoba beach fruit market and other income generating projects help to create income for groups in the community.






HI helps to provide support for unfortunate children who have been orphaned. Support includes food, medical treatment, educational and general well-being.

Heritage Initiative works through partnerships to provide expertise to support several development projects. HI also helps to promote success by sharing knowledge and skills and encourages innovative approaches.

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Bukoba Disabled Assistance Project (BUDAP)

HI works with BUDAP to create employ and train the disabled community in the production of handicraft products and other income generating activities. This enables them to become independent and make their own income.



Bukoba Kids (BK)

HI helped to set up Bukoba Kids, a sports club where disadvantaged youth are taught skills in sports while learning health, physical and social development skills. BK has three football teams including a girls team. Since July 2007 BK has been taken over by another owner


Creating Employment for Disadvantaged Groups

Youth and Women

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