Volunteers & internships



There are various costs involved as HI will help you arranging your stay in Bukoba. Volunteers are strongly advised to seek before coming to Bukoba, sponsors who will assist them with the costs of  their preferred program. The costs for the volunteer program varies according to needs but the minimum is roughly $750 to  per month.

This includes:

ˇ Accommodation sharing                                                              $ 50.00                                      

ˇ Administration and equipment costs sharing                             $ 50.00

ˇ Ki-swahili lessons (3 times a week)    sharing                            $ 30.00

ˇ Watchman (i) if you are alone                                                    $ 80.00

                          (ii) if sharing                                                              $ 40.00

ˇ Housecleaner (who will do you laundry)                    

                         (i) if you are alone                                                      $ 80.00

                          (ii) if sharing up to 3people                                      $ 40.00

ˇ Supervision, correspondence   and study assistants                   $200.00

ˇ Transport needs may vary (average)                                          $ 200.00                       

ˇ Work permit                                                                                   $ 100.00

ˇ Study Permit (if needed)                                                              $ 300.00

The expenses do not include living expenses: meals, electricity and water bills, other items of personal nature and insurance.