Challenges in the community

From a research carried out by the Bukoba Municipal Council, Bukoba residents face many problems. The challenges that the people in Bukoba face at the moment ought to be looked into both by the government as well as the non-governmental organizations. Heritage initiative, which is ready to work to meet the millennium goals, is now looking into these challenges.

Increasing poverty rates: 50% of Bukobans live below poverty line, 46% of the urban population is unemployed. more


Environmental degradation: due to lack of essential services and equipments e.g. Lack of proper dumping sites, refuse bins in the streets and in the estates in the town proximity. more


Primary education: with 84 pupils per classroom the classes in primary school are to big. The living conditions at schools are poor. There are not enough sanitary facilities, most schools only have four toilets and often there is no piped water. more


HIV/Aids: 12.8% of the urban population lives with Aids; 12.5% of the children population is orphans. According to the National Aids Commission Report 2002, there were 9,072 reported AIDS patients and 197,150 orphans.

This brings far reaching implications which are:

 Lowering of life expectancy;

 Increase in the dependency ratio;

 Reducing growth in GDP;

 Reduction in productivity;

 Increase in poverty; and

 Raising infant and child mortality as well as the growing number of orphans.


Malaria: Because the environment has been degraded, the water sources disrupted, there remains breeding areas for mosquitoes. Malaria, which is a killer disease has escalated in the region and needs to be curbed before many residents fall victims. Mosquito nets are required in large quantities and the community needs to be educated to seek medical attention without delay. Drugs should be available and at low cost to ensure that, people of all standards easily obtain them. more


Women as a marginalized gender: Most women in both the rural and urban areas live below the poverty line. Their standards of living are so low since they have no means of earning a living. more


Global/International relations: Bukoba, being very far from the city, has had very few if any international relations. These have of late been promoted through tourism (Kiroyera Tours) where tourists have started twinkling in. Awareness and promotion of the region has to be tackled. more