Student Internships


It is possible to do an internship at Heritage Initiative. As HI is working in many different fields there are several possibilities. You will be working on voluntary basis and a supervisor will be provided by  HI. Since we operate based on providing expertise, we prefer receiving students who are in their last year of bachelors degree or equivalent or higher.  If you are interested in doing your internship at HI you can send us an introductory note about yourself, your study, your school, together with your CV. We will communicate to you an introduction of how we see your programme of choice, the requirements for your  programme  (e.g. requirement for a study permit) and other accompanying issues such as funding required and the like. We expect that you will  find joy in getting the opportunity to contribute to the development of our  lovely country Tanzania and our people while experiencing our unique culture and authentic African environment.



Bukoba is located in Kagera region on the west coast of Lake Victoria. Being one of the poorest regions of Tanzania, Heritage Initiative welcomes volunteers to contribute to  building and sustaining a better future for the community.


Heritage Initiative has been working together with volunteers to assist with projects, promote cultural diversity and foster understanding and friendships among people throughout the world Since 2005.                                                                                  


There are several projects for which HI is recruiting volunteers.

These projects include (but are not limited to):

· Programs for assisting disabled persons

· Orphanages and children living in difficult conditions

           in the region

· Educating and creating common awareness in the public about

           poverty, its manifestations and how to pull out of poverty’s vicious circle.

· Assisting with creating one village one product economic programme

· Assisting with promotion of appropriate non academic programme in Primary schools

· Promotion of gender empowerment

· Reduction of child malnutrition and deaths

· Fight against HIV/AIDs, Malaria, TB and Bolaria.

· Bukoba enhanced aesthetic beauty, beaches and Botanical Gardens

· Community tourism programs

· Enriching and promoting Kagera annual cultural festival

· Preservation of and research on historical and cultural monuments like:


ŕ Palaces;

ŕ Religious places;

ŕ Colonial and outstanding buildings;

ŕ Rock Paintings and

ŕ Slave Trade Trails


· Studies into improved tourism marketing to enhance Kagera’s attractions and sales

· Trans boundary relations between Kagera region and surrounding Countries

· Tapping the benefits of bilateral and multilateral agreements of Tanzania and other countries



Heritage Initiative  focuses on the implementation of UN Millennium Development Goals. Therefore HI is looking for volunteers who have experience in project planning, fund raising and reporting and community development work especially with disadvantaged groups of society.


For more information about the costs of volunteer work for HI see the cost overview. If you are interested in working as a volunteer in Bukoba district contact HI.

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