Strategic action plan

Strategic goals

Specific Objectives


Expected outcome

Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty

































To motivate women to participate effectively to add quality to their lives as well as those of their children.

Provide a common understanding of what poverty is.

Create the one village-one product economic program.










To motivate the youth by providing skills for employment opportunities as well as support




Assist orphans by educating them and offering medical assistance as well as educational facilities




Assist the physically handicapped members of the community

Provide income generating opportunities to widows in rural areas

Market the produce to ensure that the buyers do not take advantage of them.

Make sure that their children are well catered for and educated.

Make visual and audio materials to promote a common understanding.

Work with community groups to choose a brand product.

Provide training for excellence, supply capacity, compliance with TBS.

Assist with marketing.

Promote their entrepreneurial and management abilities that have otherwise been under-utilized.


Train the youth in projects whereby they will learn to be self sustaining





Visit orphanages and offer weekly doctor visits

Provide the required stationery, and assist with their education



Train them in skills where they learn to be self employed

Look for market for their wares

High moral standards: The number of women prostitution will go down.

HIV infection rates will also plummet in the region.

The number of street children will go down

The crime rates in the town will dwindle.

Promotion of the girl-child education.










The youth will be too busy to get involved in petty crime.

There is assurance that they will bring up better families by providing schooling, health and recreation.


After getting an education, the orphans are assured of a bright future as elite members of the society.

With good health, the children lead normal lives.



The streets will be clear of beggars.

Once they are self-reliant, they gain confidence and participate fully in the growth of the economy.

Ensure environment stability



Promote conservation of the environment in both the rural and urban areas

Work with other environment friendly organizations like ECOVIC and the Bukoba Municipal Council

Educate the community on environmental hazards and benefits.

Carry out cleaning campaigns

Promote the growing of both exotic trees and those with medicinal values

Conserve water catchment areas

Construct solid waste receptacles for temporary collection.

Bukoba becomes a better place to live in.

Spread of diseases is curbed.

Employment is created where the trees with medicinal values are grown.

The beach and environment at large will become attractive and hospitable, making it a tourist attraction. This fetches foreign currency for the country.

Combat malaria and malnutrition in Bukoba










Women groups

Reduce child mortality rate. Malaria being one of the highest infant and child killers is a menace.








Malnutrition is one of the major problems in Bukoba. It needs to be curbed before it gets out of hand.

Educate the community on how to destroy mosquito breeding areas by spraying insecticides

Provide mosquito nets to orphans and widows

Clear bushes and all areas where mosquitoes breed

Work with medical providers to ensure that the right drugs are prescribed and that they are available


Educate mothers on the importance of nutrition.

Offer nutritional foods to the orphans

Malaria infection will be reduced by 10% because mosquito breeding areas will be destroyed.

Malaria will no longer be termed as a killer disease.

Drugs will be available to all

Infection of malaria goes down due to the availability of mosquito nets.




Kwashiorkor and other diseases related to malnutrition will no longer be a threat

A healthier people mean a healthier nation, hence there is economical growth in the region.


Gender equality & empowerment of women

Empower women especially the widows who are usually marginalized in the community

Form women groups (widows) and support them by providing training in different skills

Enhance their project by looking for a ready market for the goods/wares


Women will rise to their full potential in social, economic and political life.

Once the women’s progress is valued, there is birth of a vision for the whole community.

Cultural Tourism

Develop and promote ecotourism, cultural tourism and community-based tourism

Conduct research on existing tourist attractions

Work on the recommendations for tourism development given in the MMRTs study of Kagera Tourist attractions.

Give the international community the information to promote tourism in Kagera

Find other ways in which to make Kagera Region a major tourist resort

Kagera becomes a major tourist resort; therefore, there is an increase in the economy.

Employment is created.

The government stands to gain through the flow of foreign currency to the region.

Promote World Tourism day at the Kagera Cultural festival

Develop Kagera Development master plan.

Develop a global partnership for development

Promote and sustain community programs with the assistance of the international community

Put a detailed project plan for international volunteers on the website to invite volunteers to come and research on different areas

Actively recruit the volunteers who bring their expertise to Kagera

Create exchange programs with student volunteers

Consult and work with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Embassy to ensure that there are good public relations internationally


More research in the area brings a major breakthrough and more sites discovered.

Kagera Region is promoted and renown to the international community

Through the research done by volunteers, Kagera is marketed worldwide.