Heritage Initiative (HI) is a non-governmental organization established for charitable purposes. HI is based in Bukoba, a district in the Kagera region of Tanzania. It is located in the north western part of Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is one of the six local administrative regions in Kagera region. According to the 2002 national population census Bukoba town had a population of 81,221 people of which 40,841 were male and 40,380 female with an annual growth rate of 4%. HI is networking with other local NGOs, CBOs, private sector and government bodies in advancing its mission. The principal business of HI is to:

 Make a contribution in our community in advancing the implementation of the global millennium developing goals toward the year 2015;

 Promote community-driven projects in environment and tourism;

 Contribute towards poverty reduction;

 Contribute to the fight against Malaria and effects of HIV/AIDS

 Support women, children, disabled and the youth as marginalized gender;

 Support the promotion of a global partnership and

 Strengthen the capacity entities of the region to manage regional projects and promote the regional sustainability of these projects.

About HI